Trail Cameras: Two Reasons Why They Aren’t Just For Hunters Anymore.

July 18, 2022

The Ultimate Outdoor Tool

In the late 1880s, A man named George Shiras was able to successfully lay the first remote trail camera trap for White-tailed Deer. The moment that first photograph was captured changed the hunting world as we know it. Since then trail cameras have been extensively improved with modern technology to the point that most of them will now send your pictures directly to your cell phone. Many hunters and outdoorsmen currently use these cameras all over the country to aid them in their pursuit. However these cameras have more uses than just hunting, they can also be used for security and entertainment.

The Camera World Today

All industries on Earth have made giant technological leaps in the last several decades and the trail camera industry is no different. 25 years ago trail cameras relied on large batteries and physical film to take their photos, since then many companies have designed cameras that will directly send to your phone without a hunter having to set foot on their hunting property. These cameras are beneficial to the average hunter. With this camera, a hunter can instantly check and pattern the movements of the deer during the preseason scout as well as during the rut. Another feature that some say is controversial is having the ability to see what’s running around near your stand before you walk out of your front door. This strategy is effective however some hunters have found the use of these cameras to be a controversial subject in the outdoor community.

Trail Cameras make it incredibly easy to see what animals are out in the woods when you cant be. This buck was captured on camera in October of 2021.

Trail Cameras For Security

With the current state of affairs of the world, a growing topic of conversation is how to keep your property safe from thieves and trespassers. Until about 6 years ago the only options for reliable security cameras were hardwired, professional security cameras that could only be wired where direct power was available. Now with trail camera technology at the level it is, the sky truly is the limit. With a cellular trail camera you can add a layer of security anywhere on your property. Many people have bought cell cameras to protect their farms and barns from thieves stealing their equipment and possessions. These cameras are also successful in documenting trespassers coming onto your land. Since they can be put almost anywhere there’s no limit to the areas you can monitor.

Trail cameras can also be used to monitor who is on your property and when they were there.

Trail Cameras for Entertainment

The greatest reason to get a trail camera set up is for the entertainment value. With a trail camera in place an individual can see wildlife that they would not have seen if they were out in the woods hiking or hunting. Even for the non-hunters in the world trail cameras are still a fun thing to own and operate. Especially if you just want to know what may be lurking around your yard or property when you aren’t watching. Personally I can confirm that the minute you see a huge deer, bobcat, mountain lion, or any other animal on your camera, it puts into perspective what animals are lurking around your area and how much mother nature is still in control of the land. Even in major population centers, trail cameras are able to get pictures of incredible wildlife such as deer, coyotes, bobcats, and foxes. You may find other animals based on your location as well.

trail camera

Coyotes are a fairly common animal to come across trail cameras due to their current overpopulation and lack of predators.

In Summary

Cameras can have come a very long way since the first photos were taken back in the 1880s. Now modern cameras can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to get a better understanding of nature and the animals that live near them. for more information on how to set up and maintain your cameras please visit the link below. Stay well, stay safe, and most importantly enjoy the outdoors!