Three Lesser Known Hunting Areas Near Kansas City

July 21, 2022

McGee Family Conservation Area

The McGee Family Conservation Area is located on C Highway just south of Plattsburg Missouri. This farm became open to public hunting on September 15th, 2011 after the owner, Thomas F. McGee passed away and asked that his farm be donated to the Missouri Department of Conservation so others could enjoy the property. The farm has 1032 acres of well-maintained habitat suited for many types of game animals. There are open fields with rolling hills as far as the eye can see as well as lowland timber, ideal for White-tailed Deer and Turkey hunting. The conservation area also has several farm ponds that are great for fishing with easy access to the nearby gravel road. The Little Platte River runs just to the north of the property with river frontage on both sides. There is also a boat ramp and restroom on the northernmost section of the conservation area right next to the C Highway bridge. It is fairly common to find White-tailed Deer, Turkey, and other small game species on this property. The conservation area is open all week from the hours of 4:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Platte Falls Conservation Area

In 1980 MDC bought the Platte Falls Conservation area and since then it has become a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. The land was purchased using funds from the 1/8 of 1% Design for Conservation sales tax. This property is stretched across 2300 acres of rolling hills and timber. there are over 1300 acres of bottomland as well as top land timber, 295 acres of agricultural lands, and over 700 acres of grasslands and wetlands. The area is also split by the Platte river with over a 9.1-mile stretch of un-channelized river. This property is great for hunters, anglers, and hikers. This is also an excellent spot for early fall Dove Hunting when the sunflowers are in full bloom. The river is ideal for small canoes and kayaks as well. there are two boat ramps, one upstream and one downstream, that follow a bend in the river. This design allows canoes and kayaks to travel over two miles down the river without needing to shuttle a vehicle. The area also has a sight in archery range as well as a shotgun range. Rifles and Handguns are not permitted on the range. The entrance to the area is at 16800 Settles Sta Rd, Platte City, MO 64079.

Cooley Lake Conservation Area

Cooley Lake Conservation area is located on the Missouri River, just South of Excelsior Springs, Missouri. The lake was once part of the main channel of the river until the river changed course and created a deep ox-bow lake. Over time the deep lake was silted in and a shallow, marshy lake remained. The property was originally purchased by several hunters from Kansas city for private use. Eventually, the property was sold to the MDC after extensive farming in the area. Over the years the MDC has bought additional land along the river creating 1345 acres in total for the conservation area as well as giving residents more access to the river. This area is known for having superb waterfowl hunting as well as fishing along the river. There is also a lookout platform on the cliffs to the north of the area where hikers and spectators can view the Missouri River Valley. This area is a great place to hike, hunt, fish, as well as bow fish along the shores of the shallow lakes and drainage ditches.

For more information on these conservation areas please visit the Missouri Department of Conservation link below