Outdoor Activities On Family Vacation

July 23, 2022

Outdoor activities can bring families closer together, but also create those lasting memories that each family is searching for on their vacations. When choosing a vacation destination, the activities you can do there are usually the main reason for choosing that specific location. So why not choose something that is going to be outdoors, challenging, and bring your family together as a unit?

Hunting And Fishing

As I was growing up, my family and I rarely had time to invest in hunting and fishing, because to be effective at either one requires a lot of time and patience. We focused all of our energy on the football field and if we weren’t physically on the football field we were doing something to improve our game such as working out, studying film, etc. Not that football doesn’t teach life skills, but it doesn’t teach the kind of critical skills that hunting and fishing do. So parents, this is your chance to dive in the hunting and fishing realm with your family. You can often find some sort of help or service to help guide your fishing or hunting trip.

Now obviously, your options are vast. Choosing what to do can be difficult. Some key items to keep in mind for hunting and fishing trips are listed below.

  • Duration of the trip (10-day elk hunt may be tough with a couple of toddlers)
  • Weather
  • Available services
    • If you’re going out of state for your trip, I highly recommend getting a guide service for your experience. its required by law in some States
  • Gear (You might need a fishing pole to go fishing, right?)
  • What opportunities your destination is going to offer (You can’t hunt Alligator in Nebraska)
  • Scheduling

Exploring National And State Parks

First off, if you haven’t been to Yellowstone National Park then I feel sorry for you. There is absolutely nothing like that terrain. I have family in Montana, so I cherish every moment I get to spend in that region of the country. One of the best parts about Yellowstone is the unlimited knowledge you can learn from the people who live and work around the park. One tip I have for Yellowstone, don’t be the guy who tries to take the selfie with the Buffalo.

Every State or National Park is going to have unique outdoor activities for you and your complete to be a part of. Here in Missouri, you can see people fishing, floating down the river, camping, or boating. Planning some of these outdoor activities may seem insignificant or stressful but the finished product is a happier and more loving family. keep in mind a positive attitude is needed for some adventures. I have been on some miserable camping and floating trips, but that’s because I didn’t have a good attitude going into it. Make it what you want!

Family Specific Adventures

What does your family enjoy doing? As a parent, you likely have a good grasp of what those few things are that your family enjoys doing together. Even if you’re not the parent of the family, you have a good idea of what your family enjoys doing as a unit. Your son may enjoy bass fishing, so make a plan to do some of the best bass fishing in the area. Your daughter may like animals, so take her out to the woods and find some critters or go to the zoo. Your wife may love wine, so make a point to grab a bottle of wine and walk through the vineyard. This may seem easy, but we forget to often to make these moments a priority.

There may be a time or two when you need to split off with just a portion of the family to get the experience you’re looking for. Instances like whitewater rafting in Colorado, western big game hunts, or Alligator hunts in Florida probably don’t warrant bringing your three-year-old daughter. In situations like this, it is important to involve the rest of the family in whatever you can. They can help clean and cook your catch, kids can help prepare your gear, or you can simply take a picture with them when you return home with your kill.

Being outdoors with your kids is going to build fundamental skills as a human. Learning how to harvest, clean, and cook your food is an undervalued trait by many people. You can teach them all of these things one vacation at a time, whether it’s within your State or across the Country. Vacationing outdoors is going to benefit your family much more than sitting inside playing card games. Get outside!

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