Technology In Hunting

August 9, 2022

The advancement of technology has grown tremendously in almost every aspect of our lives. As hunting continues to feel primitive and a pass down from our ancestors long ago, the gear and tools we can use to hunt with nowadays are incredible.


Hunting applications on our phones are one of the most popular forms of advanced technology we have seen in the outdoors lately. We have seen an application like onX Hunt, GOHUNT, and TerraStride take on a bulk of the workload that hunters used to have to do by hand. These apps can help with maps, drawing odds, point tracking, state regulations and much more. This is a one stop shop for hunters. These applications are a must for going on an out of state hunt.

Many states have adopted the turn of technology as well. Here in Missouri, our department of Wildlife has an application for outdoorsmen to use. This app technology has allowed me to track my fishing license, all my deer tags, and any other hunting or fishing licenses or tags I need throughout the year. I find physically tagging a deer kind of a pain in the ass, so i find the app to been especially helpful in that avenue for me. I know some people cherish wrapping that tag around the base of the antlers of a buck. Not knocking those folks at all.

Gear and Tools

The amount of insane gear and tools we have access to know is unlimited. If you’re like me, then your Facebook is mostly ads for new fishing or hunting gear (I know I’m not alone). The most impressive advancement in technology for gear and tools has to be optics. Garmin recently developed some new optics for bows (there is a crossbow selection too, but who uses a crossbow?). These optics are all electronic and can show the range of your target, are waterproof, and can count the number of arrows fired from the weapon. This is baffling technology.

Another one is the growth in night vision optics. These can run upwards of a couple of thousand dollars for a rifle scope. the increase in night vision and thermal imagery is the uptick in hog hunts, but also predator hunting. Now listen ladies, every made would love a night vision scope for his rifle this Christmas so start saving now.

If you have some cool gear I didn’t write about, shoot me a message. I love checking out new gear to buy.


My love for weapon technology comes from my time spent in the military. Something about big guns shooting large projectiles is very exciting to me. With that being said, we’re not shooting deer with 50-caliber rifles. That’s a waste of your time, money, and that animal’s life.

The way Hoyt, Matthews, and others have trimmed down their bows to fit better ergonomically and lighter for the hunter to pack is by far the most boring but impactful changes that have been made to bows. I know there are people out there that prefer to shoot a heavier bow for stability. I guess you could technically say i am one. I currently hunt with a Hoyt Ultratec that was built in the year 2000.

Technology in the ammunition realm has taken off as well. It seems as if every year there is a new and improved round to be used whether for war or hunting. I prefer the old faithful, .308 Winchester round, but there is something dreamy and incising about the 6.5 Creedmoor.

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